Community Outreach:
Priest-in-charge Discretionary Fund: Good Samaritan Ministry

St. Luke's offers guidance to those in the Brookeville community who come to our door seeking a one time assistance for a food purchase. For those seeking further assistance we coordinate with our local service organization, Olney Help. To donate to this discretionary fund please email Rev. Vikki Clayton at

Annual Yard Sale
In June each year St. Luke's holds a weekend community yard sale. Items range from clothing, furniture, and gently used household items. People from all walks of life enjoy shopping and visiting with neighbors and friends at our yard sale. Proceeds go towards our operating budget.

Annual Fall Festival
This annual tradition began as our Candle Festival in the 1960's where members of the church once sold dipped candles, dried flower arrangements, canned goods, and other homemade items. Over time the first Saturday and Sunday in October has turned into our Fall Festival. Yard sale items, baked goods, music and more attract friends from all over the community.

Montgomery General Hospital Women's Board Thrift Shop
Volunteers from St. Luke's have worked in this ministry for over 50 years. Items such as clothing and jewelry are offered at a low cost and serve many low income families in the community. The thrift shop is located on the corner of Rt. 108 and Prince Phillip Drive in Olney, MD. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday. To volunteer call the shop at  (301) 774-9638, they will help you. 

Sandy Spring Friend's House Holiday Giving
St. Luke's sends holiday gift baskets to select residents of Sandy Spring Friend's House who live alone and no longer have family members with whom to celebrate the holidays. Volunteers from St. Luke's personally deliver these baskets of cheer the week before Christmas and Easter. To donate to this ministry email:

Olney Help
St. Luke's supports our local service organization, Olney Help, by collecting canned and dry foods for their pantry. Olney Help is a much-needed resource for families and individuals seeking food and short term financial assistance. Baskets for collecting food for Olney Help's pantry are located in the entryway of the church.

Our House
St. Luke's works in conjunction with Our House to provide opportunities for young adults to serve in our community by assisting us with our annual yard sales and fall festivals.  To learn more about Our House go to:
Here is the Our House mission statement: The mission of Our House is to provide the opportunity for at-risk adolescents to become happy, healthy, and productive.  The Our House Program is more than just a job skills training program. It includes development of the entire individual, providing the trainees with a full set of skill for success. Our House strives to inspire youth by opening their minds to the incredible potential that is within them and helping that potential to unfold, resulting in a happy, healthy, and successful young adult who is ready to become a positive influence in their communities and society.

Global Outreach Programs
Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)

ERD, the global relief agency of the Episcopal Church, provides worldwide relief to countries experiencing economic and weather related disasters. St. Luke's supports ERD through Lenten offerings and individual donations. To learn more about this foundation please go to:

The Hunger Fund of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington
The Diocesan Hunger Fund believes in ending hunger and envisions a diocese where congregations nourish their spirits by nourishing the marginalized. Despite government programs, the poor and working poor often do not have enough to feed themselves and their families through the end of the month. Food pantries and feeding ministries help these families fill this gap, which makes supporting these programs vital to ensuring thousands do not go hungry. The Hunger Fund uses your contributions to disburse grants to feeding programs across the diocese that supply food to hungry, impoverished children and adults--not a penny of grant money is spent on administrative costs. To donate to The Hunger Fund click here.